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I wanted to get high

It started off, not so well. I wanted to get high, smoke some weed. I wanted to get high because I, I was feeling low. I didn’t have enough money so I went, ‘5’ with some guy. I knew of him, I didn’t think any harm. His dark brown eyes looks so innocent. So we smoked. And it was a different high, and as I asked about what we were smoking, He asked about other things. Avoiding my question. ‘Have you ever kissed, high?’ I was young. Maybe 13. And into girls, but that was my little secret. So I, Not thinking. I said no, So he asked me if I wanted to try, And I continued asking about the blunt that had been already rolled when we met up. He responded by saying It’s something different, something special. And he pulled me. And forced me to kiss him. And other things started happening. He… Continue reading »

My Snowball Effect

My life has been a serious of many many struggles. But, I am grateful that they happened because I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. It started with my parents relationship. It was ever really good. But at the age of nine, I caught my Father cheating on my mom. He was emailing this woman because he knew that Mom had no idea how to use a computer(my mother is from another country). As a child at the age of nine, I instantly told my mom. It felt like a personal attack to me because my father seemed perfect to me. I mean, they fought like a normal couple does, but nothing more. I talked to my dad and it seemed like things were gonna change. I never saw that side of my dad before. Due to this happening, it caused a lot of anxiety, I didn’t trust anyone, and I started to… Continue reading »

Sexual Abuse in a Relationship

I’ve never told a single soul about the things that happened to me, while I was in this relationship. I’m not sure exactly why I’ve just randomly decided to share this, but maybe someone who was going through similar things as I was will read this and realize they are not alone. You can be in a relationship and still be sexually abused, despite the fact that you are with the person. I was in a very toxic relationship, for many reasons, this being one of them. It started out slowly. The guy I was with would get very aggressive and on more than one occasion he would force himself on me. Try to hold me down, he didn’t care how rough he was being. And I always had told him no, that I didn’t want to do anything, to get off. He never listened, he just kept going. I tried getting him to stop,… Continue reading »

These Men are More Protected Than We Are

I can’t tell names. I can’t publicly announce who they were because they’re protected by a law that says I could be sued for defamation. This makes me so angry! I was the one that was harassed, manipulated, attacked. And yet every one of them walks free. These men. Many men. As young as I can remember, it was my brother. My mother swept it under the carpet and I was never allowed to speak up. We pretended he never. He got away with it. Then there was my step father’s friend. I was only a pre-teen. He was an older Hungarian man. Then my horse back riding teacher and friend. I was 15. He was 35. I got pregnant. My mother called me a little slut and took me to have an abortion. I can still hear the beating heart. My mother is still friends with this man. I worked at a cellphone company…. Continue reading »

A Stong Woman

I just wanted and needed to tell you a story if I hadn’t told you already, please feel free to talk about the shame, the hurt, the life changing experience I endured. Did I ever tell you the story about the 3 year old little girl who was molested almost every night at the hands of her older sister to the point of being able to still smell her body on the little girls body even to this day, which now the lil girl is 44 she lived with this secret pretty much all of her life because as a child she thought as a child to the point of thinking this behavior was normal because not only did her older sister hurt her, it seemed as if the lil girl was a target for so many others, from her female cuz. Next door to the brother of the female cuz next door to several… Continue reading »

Lost Trust In Men For The Longest Time

I was 8 years old when me, my mom, brother and sister went to visit my dad and his family in Arizona. My siblings and I wanted to stay the night with our cousins. My mom and dad left. When we were all asleep my uncle came into the room and quietly woke me up and told me that my mom said it was time for a shower. Half asleep and confused I got up thinking my mom was back. He took me to the restroom and closed and locked the door. He turned on the water and told me to get undressed. I just stood there not knowing what to do. He eventually pulled my shorts and underwear down and told me to lay down and be quiet or else he was going to kill my mom, brother and sister. I was scared and didn’t want them to die so I did what I… Continue reading »

Raped After School

Hi, My name is Vanessa i am 17 years old. I am going to talk about my story and what had happened to me while i was in school. One day my Boyfriend but now ex and i got into an argument over something stupid. We kept fighting that day so we didn’t talk that day but then the next day came along and he was like hey since you are walking home today from school i want to go with you to make sure that you are safe. of course i replied ” sure” so he came along. He told me to go down a street because it would be a lot faster to get to my house than the way that i was taking So i agreed well he took me behind this house and started to kiss me and i was like i want to go home. He was like your not… Continue reading »


I was only 5 years old when these malicious things had happened to me. Things no child should ever have to experience. I am now 18 years old, an older sister, a mother, a daughter, an aunt, a wife, and yet still a human being. I say “human being” because, when things like these occur most turn to suicide. I was strong enough to overcome these battle scars and so are you. I am still healing, even after 13 years. Now let me begin telling you what I had experienced as a little girl. At the age of 5, I was sexually molested, abuse, assaulted, to which had all turn into traumas that lead me to think it was normal and okay. The sweat. Under the blankets, he touched me. My aunts, uncle, and I were all under the blankets on the top bunk bed. The game was to stay under the covers. I had… Continue reading »


I was a freshman in high school so it was the world to be dating a senior. Until you get passed the fact that he’s just 4 years older and that he is mentally and verbally abusive. Not to mention the boy cheated on me. But he had me so convinced that no one would ever love me that I still talked to him. I left him many times but that didn’t keep him from banging on my window several nights out of the week. I would let him in because I didn’t want my mom to hear and talk him into going home. One night though, he came plastered and again banging on my window. I let him in to try to talk to him and convince him to leave but he hit me so hard and pinned me down. I tried screaming and then he choked me. I kicked and squirmed but I… Continue reading »

Surviving, Kinda

Help. God help me write this, but I think its time I let it out. This is my story about how a man who completely destroyed me within a matter of minuets, three times. At first I didn’t know it was rape. After years of abuse I just thought it was normal and no one would talk about it. But surely it happens to everyone? Right? Clearly not. I somehow convinced myself that it was my fault and that I asked for it. And that I was wearing the wrong clothes so it could have happend to anyone. That I’m clearly a slut because of this. That no man will ever love me because of what has happened. No one will accept me and my past. But no one should ever feel like that, as it is the hardest thing I have ever had to get out of. And I’m still trying. I was 13… Continue reading »