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New York Holiday Fundraiser !

December 21, 2011 A New York fundraiser for the Linor Documentary Project, thrown by Simon Sassenberg and Brian Crichlow, was a huge success! Thanks for all the hard work guys. Looks like you had fun too! Simon Sassenberg and guests; Party Guestbook

Director Cecilia Peck in the news

Check out Cecilia’s article about the making of the film in Film Courage here!

New Trailer!

Here is a new trailer to the Linor Documentary Project: “Miss World” (wt) – Trailer May 2011 from Linor Documentary on Vimeo.

Blog Post – November 1st, 2010

I’m about to travel for the film for the first time in a year, since we went to South Africa. It’s hard for me to travel for the film. Not only because of law school, and leaving my family, but traveling has always been hard for me. Ever since Milan, I don’t like to be away from home. I think it brings up the trauma of being alone in Italy when I was raped. I don’t like to sleep in hotels. I have to leave the lights on at night. Some of these things, you never get over. You just have to live with them. Even though I haven’t been speaking internationally in the last year, a lot has happened. I’m in my second year of law school. I’m doing well in school and have been offered an internship at the Attorney General’s office when I graduate. I hope to be able to do a… Continue reading »

Watch the reel Linor presented at the BHFF fundraiser show

To view the reel please click here

Beverly Hills Fashion Festival: H. Lorenzo Benefit for The Linor Documentary Project

H. Lorenzo, the cutting-edge boutique and a Los Angeles mainstay, showcased three designers at the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival. […] It was all for a good cause. The show benefited The Teddy Bear Clinic and The Linor Project. A clip from “The Linor Documentary Project” was presented, and Linor Abargil, Miss Universe 1998 and a rape survivor, spoke to the audience about her mission to help others. H. Lorenzo was inspired to take part in the event to help support the cause. “It was just something that we wanted to do,” said Leran Hadar, director of the store and son of founder Lorenzo Hadar. “It was mainly a charity event; that was the entire purpose, and that was basically the motivation,” he explained. According to Hadar, the designers were selected because they were Los Angeles–based and because of their high-fashion aesthetic. (to view more of this article please click here)

Live Review: Beverly Hills Fashion Festival

L.A. Fashion Week wrapped up two weeks ago but the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival curbed any chance of runway withdrawals by showcasing collections from Elie Tahari, Teresa Rosati, William Rast and H. Lorenzo, this past Saturday. Nestled next to The Beverly Hilton, the event attracted an affluent crowd dressed to the nines. Like most fashion shows nowadays, vendors were on display. The only difference here was that the attendees weren’t too interested in the various booths. We saw a few people at Custo Barcelona, Young Fabulous & Broke, Leslie Fastlicht Russo Jewelry, Aireheart by Sydney, Gypsy05, Skin by Monica Olsen, Per-fekt, Tahiti My Pearl, Isharya and others, but overall the vendors themselves. Before the show, we got a sneak peek at The Linor Documentary Project, which was put together by Linor Abargil in an effort to spread the word on rape and help victims tell their story. A portion of the proceeds from the event… Continue reading »

Miss Norway 2010 cites Linor as the former Miss World that she admires the most. See her answer to question #13 in the interview

To view the interview please click here 13. The winner of Miss World will be the 60th Miss World. Which former winner do you most admire and why? Of all previous Miss World winners that I am familiar with, I mostly admire Linor Abargil who won in 1998.

Podcast: Speaking Out about Rape with Director Cecilia Peck

On August 8th, director Cecilia Peck was a guest on Sherry Beall’s KPFK radio show “Healthy Planet, Healthy Me.” To listen to the podcast please click here. Healthy Planet, Healthy Me radio talk show is committed to covering topics that affect the well being of We The People and our planet.

Overcoming Shame by Sharing Your Story – Article in Feministing

If you would like to read an article on rape and on Linor, please go to: “Linor is traveling the world with her documentary crew to speak with survivors of rape and to encourage them – and other survivors – to overcome the shame and silence around rape, and to tell their stories and press charges. […] If you aren’t a survivor, you can still do something to break down the barriers of silence and shame that make rape possible.”