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Not Okay

When I was in my early 20s, I was travelling abroad with my then-boyfriend of 6 years, and during a one week stay in one city, we had started to make friends at this little dive bar that played really good music. One night, my boyfriend got particularly drunk, and he went back to our hotel room with another girl, taking the hotel keys with him, leaving me stranded for the night. I was devastated. The group of new friends we had made were mostly expats who lived there and new the city far better than me. They had seen it all unfold, convinced me to stay out drinking… one girl offered me her sofa for the night, so I decided to stay until she was ready to head home rather than fork out for a hotel room on my own. We all continued knocking back the shots, many of which were put in front… Continue reading »


I have no memories before rape. The first memory I have is being raped at 3 years old by my mom’s boyfriend and his dealer cousins. My first memories are of anguish and confusion. Broken trust and a broken body. That wouldn’t be the last time my mother allowed others to have sex with me in order to feed her addiction. I’m not even sure it was the first. It’s simply where my memories began. I’m not sure how to get past it all. This shit seems to follow me and happen no matter how far I go to try and get away. I thought I’d found safety. I thought I’d finally found family. Turns out I just found another pervert wanting their piece. May be that’s all I’ll ever be. May be it’s better that I’m broken. It’s easier for others to take pieces of me that way. — Alex

It Happened More Than Once

I was a rape victim for 4 years for two different people, here is my story. When I was 10 years old my mom had a good friend named Pearl, was like an aunt to my younger sister and I and like a sister to my mom so we called her auntie Pearl. Pearl had an oldest son named Andrew and a younger daughter named Laura who we called our cousins. Pearl developed drug and alcohol problems after her husband Chris died in 2009. Every night her and Andrew would fight. Eventually in 2011 Child Services got involved and Andrew was put into foster care, because my mom and Pearl were really good friends, my mom decided to become Andrew’s legal guardian and have him come live with us. Andrew was 15 and I was 10. After living with us for a few months, Andrew started becoming “comfortable” with me. I would stay up late… Continue reading »

Hollywood’s Lost Angels

I was a starving actress in Los Angeles, trying to break into the world of movies and television. Like many other girls I was lured into the glamour and mystery of the Hollywood mansion parties. I was befriended by a famous in the 90s kid celebrity named “Gorey Peldman” who pushed drugs onto me and other women which turned into orgies with strange men watching who I’ve now heard rumors paid him to view. He kept convincing us that it was ok to be one of his 5 girlfriends and that his special celebrity only lube worked as a liquid condom which would protect you against all stds. As long as he kept giving us drugs (mdma, molly, heavy pain killers) we were inclined to believe him. This man has prayed on many young girls new to Hollywood who just wanted to believe in a dream. He calls himself a sexual assault victim for attention… Continue reading »

Multiple Times

I have been raped more than once. And unfortunately, some people start blaming the victim after the first time it happens. And unfortunately I rarely talk about this because it takes a piece of me every time I talk about what has happened. The first time I was raped, I was a junior in high school. I went to a party wth my best friend. I was a little tipsy but was not drunk but everyone else was. I went in a room at the house the party was at and went to bed. But I woke up to a guy trying to pull down my yoga pants. I told him to stop and he listened. I started to doze off and I felt pressure on my back. He was on top of me as I was laying on my stomach. I told him to leave me alone and he pulled down my pants. He… Continue reading »

Wrong Choice

This happened like 6 years ago…it was when i was young and stupid, going on drinking binges with my close friends. There was normally 5 of us, this night one of my girl friends left to go pass out, so it was just me and the guys. I thought it was all fun and stuff, we kept drinking and having a good time. One of the guys (this guy i had a crush on) he said he was ready to pass out, so I asked if he wanted company to make sure he gets home. It was all good, we walked and talked. We just get to his place and he sneaks in through his bedroom window, just as i was about to climb in, I black out. When I come to…I’m laying on his bed, half naked with him on top of me. I try to get up but he keeps going, I try… Continue reading »

I Was Told It Was Normal

Three years ago, I was raped. It was by a man I had slept with consensually before after a night of drinking- I liked him, I was attracted to him, and he was someone from my inner circle of friends. But the night that it had happened, I had blacked out from drinking. It was my first and last time I allowed that to happen. One moment I was laughing with my best friend and leaving the bar and then I remember darkness as I realized I had stumbled into this man’s room. The next morning I was lying naked in his bed. I confided in my best friend, confused and scared because I remembered nothing. Had I passed out? Did he take advantage of me? Her response: “I wouldn’t put it past him” as if I should have known. Another friend said “You’re not alone- I know a lot of people that has happened… Continue reading »


I had been friends with K for about a year, hung out with him and his girlfriend, consoled his girlfriend after arguments, spent many a night on his couch. We were friends. He got me a job where he worked when I needed a change of pace. So, when I got a new job, he and his girlfriend broke up, and we hadn’t seen each other in over half a year he texted me that he wanted to catch up. It had never been anything other than friendship between us so going for drinks didn’t seem like a big deal and I was excited to get to see him again and find out what was new. We got to the bar and he paid for drinks so we could sit and talk for a few hours. Two drinks over the course of those hours. And when the bar closed he offered to drive us to… Continue reading »

Case Dropped by Prosecutor

I was at a work party for my husband and a stranger drugged me, took me to an ally and raped me. I screamed so much he ran away but he came back an hour later with his friends and they burned me with cigarettes while they took turns. I don’t know if I got away or they left me to freeze to death. My memory is in shards. At the restaurant I blink and then I am in the dark. So cold and in pain I think I am dying. There is a deafening sound I slowly recognize as my screaming sobs. Everything is a blur I cannot see my hand in front of my face. It is raining and snowing. I am so cold. I feel around in the dark. I try to open cars. I start running. then black. I have no idea I’ve just been burned over a dozen times and… Continue reading »

Help!! What Can I Do?

I am 19 years old now. This takes place when i was 11 years old. In my school, there was a boy whom I thought was pure in heart, mind and soul. He was intelligent and good in sports. He helped me in studies. When I was sad he consoled me. I never thought that his mind could be dirty. One day he called me home to help me with my homework. I agreed. He said his parents were not at home. We both started doing homework. He brought juice for both of us. He mixed drugs in my juice. I felt heavy. He took off my clothes forcefully. He took off his clothes as well. He started raping me. I had been learning karate. With all my strength i managed to kick him. Then I hit him with a heavy metal rod lying nearby. I wore my clothes quickly, took my study material and… Continue reading »