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Drunken Rape

Just a few months ago, April 1st, 2016, I was sexually assaulted. I am 16 years old, and was 15 when it happened. The man was 52… I haven’t seen my friend for a while and wanted to hangout with her, and we had nothing to do for a few hours, so we went on a walk and said we should call one of her other friends to go hangout too. But when we got there the other friend wasn’t there. But he invited us in to stay. He forced us to drink alcohol and stay for hours. Begging for us to stay over I finally got too drunk and had to lay down for a bit. He brought me up stairs and said to lay down for a while. And when I did I fell asleep right away, I woke up to pressure on my chest and a chill on my legs. I had… Continue reading »

Once, Twice, Three Times A Victim

When I was 12 years old, my 18 year old cousin lived with us for a while. For months he would sneak into my room in the middle of the night or just get me alone for a few minutes to do whatever he felt like. He would force himself in my mouth, kiss me, touch me or make me touch him. He did everything but rape me because it hurt and I would be on the verge of tears. He would forcefully grab me or push my head in whatever direction he wanted to scare me into doing things. Eventually he moved out and it stopped. I told my mom a few years later, and while he admitted that he did “something,” he says it wasn’t that serious, that all he did was kiss me. His sister constantly asks me to get over it, because kissing isn’t a big deal. I try to tell… Continue reading »

Two Friends and Two Boys

I’m the friend that everyone talks about. The one that always needs someone to listen to her problems and never really listens back. The one that expects you to be there the moment I need you, but when you need me I may or may not be there. I never realized I was like that. My dad looked out for his unit (him being in the Army), my mom looked out for my little brother Zeus and I looked out for me. I never really had any good friends, especially girls. My best friend Jackson had been my best and really only friend since we were 8. The three places we had been stationed were all together and when we moved to Fort Hood when we were 15 I expected nothing to change. Except it did. He started hanging out with other guys and I made an actual friend that was a girl. Rosalie Grace… Continue reading »

Senior Year Ended In The First Week

Here is a story… That hits close to home, one that is a scar that will never truly heal It can be hidden but never completely healed This is my story I was a college Sr. in my FIRST week of school I went out with friends, had 1 drink to celebrate Came back and after about 1 hr had 1 beer We were ecstatic to be seniors, ready for the future Greek life was consolidated into 1 hall, my friends and I decided to go downstairs to a frat hall Who would have known that 1 decision would change my life. I remember very little on the hall, seeing other seniors, catching up with acquaintances Then its black. Nothing. No Memories. Just, HAZE Through the haze is where the scar is deep. Faint memories, of being in the dorm lounge, being touched & penetrated. intercourse, but not actually being “there” The face. That face,… Continue reading »

Date Rape

I was married a long time and am now divorced, so therefore I’m not very experienced with dating. Recently I went on a date with a guy I knew about ten years and who was getting a divorce. We had a fantastic time. We talked often for another week and the topic got around to sex, and never really left that topic for several days. I ignored the red flag because I wanted to have sex as well. Anyway our second date was one week after the first date. He came over to my place with two bottles of wine for me and a few beers for himself. I’m not much of a drinker so I usually go very slow with alcohol. We were going to order pizza but we never did. I drank 3-4 6 oz glasses of wine in 3 hours. After that I was so drunk I could barely walk or talk… Continue reading »

Assault, Battery, and Rape

I am a 72-year-old woman, an RN for about 50 of those years Army Nurse Corps vet. I was/am not so beautiful nor smart, nor sexy/seductive. In my life I have been the victim of simple assault, sexual assault, simple battery, and sexual battery. Two of those were attempts. Two were first-degree rapes as defined by the laws of the jurisdictions in which they occurred. One attempt was by the bishop of my ward. One wash by a stranger out front of a barber shop where inside getting a hair cut was the varsity football coach of my high school. There were witnesses to both events. No one helped me. At an after school job I had in a bakery, I was frequently cornered in the sales shop, groped, and kissed in a horrible, nasty, sloppy way. When I was a new RN, I had surgery in the hospital where I worked. Pre-op I was… Continue reading »

Happy Hell-oween

I was 20 years old, invited to a party on a Southern California Marine base. My cousin invited me, her boyfriend was in the service. so I figured that it would be fun and safe. I was excited, I bought a new costume and got dressed up. When I got there, everyone was drinking. So as any college student, I started to drink, too. We were having fun and I was with family. I started to feel weird and now my night is playing like an old film. Time is moving, but it’s going too fast and I’m missing big parts of it. I kept saying no, I don’t want to, I don’t want to do this. The last thing I remember is being in a car. He asked if I was crying. Of course I was crying, I was a virgin and I told him I didn’t want to do anything. When I woke… Continue reading »

Not Okay

When I was in my early 20s, I was travelling abroad with my then-boyfriend of 6 years, and during a one week stay in one city, we had started to make friends at this little dive bar that played really good music. One night, my boyfriend got particularly drunk, and he went back to our hotel room with another girl, taking the hotel keys with him, leaving me stranded for the night. I was devastated. The group of new friends we had made were mostly expats who lived there and new the city far better than me. They had seen it all unfold, convinced me to stay out drinking… one girl offered me her sofa for the night, so I decided to stay until she was ready to head home rather than fork out for a hotel room on my own. We all continued knocking back the shots, many of which were put in front… Continue reading »


I have no memories before rape. The first memory I have is being raped at 3 years old by my mom’s boyfriend and his dealer cousins. My first memories are of anguish and confusion. Broken trust and a broken body. That wouldn’t be the last time my mother allowed others to have sex with me in order to feed her addiction. I’m not even sure it was the first. It’s simply where my memories began. I’m not sure how to get past it all. This shit seems to follow me and happen no matter how far I go to try and get away. I thought I’d found safety. I thought I’d finally found family. Turns out I just found another pervert wanting their piece. May be that’s all I’ll ever be. May be it’s better that I’m broken. It’s easier for others to take pieces of me that way. — Alex

It Happened More Than Once

I was a rape victim for 4 years for two different people, here is my story. When I was 10 years old my mom had a good friend named Pearl, was like an aunt to my younger sister and I and like a sister to my mom so we called her auntie Pearl. Pearl had an oldest son named Andrew and a younger daughter named Laura who we called our cousins. Pearl developed drug and alcohol problems after her husband Chris died in 2009. Every night her and Andrew would fight. Eventually in 2011 Child Services got involved and Andrew was put into foster care, because my mom and Pearl were really good friends, my mom decided to become Andrew’s legal guardian and have him come live with us. Andrew was 15 and I was 10. After living with us for a few months, Andrew started becoming “comfortable” with me. I would stay up late… Continue reading »