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It was near a year ago. It was my close friend’s birthday and we all ended up at his friends house for a party. We were all drunk, happy, just having fun. I needed the bathroom and he was looking for something in it as I had known him forever. I was covered and I decided to pee. After, he tried kissing me and locked the door. I told him to stop and to open it, but he just kept going. In the end, he raped me. I decided to run outside to get home. I got home and I was covered in bite/teeth marks, bruising and a cut lip. My mum took me to the police station and after statements, I was put in a mental hospital for suicide watch as they didn’t trust me cause I was so upset. He denied everything and said it was consensual. He is free and living a… Continue reading »


I was about 10 years old and I had no contact with my biological dad. But, when my stepdad stopped letting me go over to his house, I decided to get in contact with my dad. It took about a week before I finally got to see him for the first time in 9 years. He came over and brought me a whole bunch of gifts and my mom went outside to talk to my uncle so we could have time to talk. That’s the first time my dad raped me. He would later on come to my house and rape me there also, but I never told my mom. I was scared what she would do. After about a year, he just randomly started not coming over. My mom asked me if he has ever touched me or raped me and I finally came out with the truth. It was revealing and helped so… Continue reading »


I was 10, and my parents had just gotten a divorce. One day, a strange man come over with his son. He took my mother into her room. I heard pleasure groans coming from her room. The son was 16, and he turned to me. Suddenly he grabbed me and sped into my room. He threw me on my bed and tore off my and his clothes. Then he raped me. Every single day the man would come over and so would the son. He threatened that if I told my mom, he would blame it on me. Say that I begged him to do it. Finally, I told my mom, and the mysterious man and boy mysteriously stopped coming. I still remember the feeling, and I don’t ever want it to happen again.

Many Years Ago

This story happened many years ago. To this day i did not tell this story to another person. But today i am sharing this because people say if share you pain with others it makes it easier and it can make changes. I don’t now how many years I had the time it all started, maybe seven or eight years. I was born in 1991 in a large family, as the youngest, I have two sisters and two brothers. From that time I have some good memories. My opinion is that I was born in a good family, we had good moments that we spent together and bad moments but it was nice. My mom was a good person she was kind and loving. She liked going to church and spending time outside, and she was a person who loved to help people but also hardworking person. My father is a good and nice person,… Continue reading »

My Story

I was probably 11 when it started my mom married my stepdad. It started off with small kisses on the cheek or neck. Then ha started molesting me. I thought it was my fault that I somehow pushed him to the limit. My stepdad would force himself on me and one night I tried to fight but ended with him raping me.

It Started With Date Rape

I was only 16 years old and had been dating a guy from another high school for about three months. I invited him to a dance, sort of a pre-prom prom dance for sophomores in high school. On the way home he gave me a lot of alcohol -shots ,beer, and obviously I don’t remember what else. I remember when we got near my house where I was supposed to be dropped off he pulled into a private drive and we ended up on the grass and I remember saying “no, no, no, no.” It happened anyway that he —and I hesitate to say this even to this day – but the fact is he raped me. Back then No one ever heard of date rape-after all , you were guilty if you dated the guy that obviously meant you asked for it and automatically gave consent. It affected the entire rest of my life… Continue reading »

Child Rape

My foster dad raped me when I was 13. I was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden he grabbed me and threw me on the bed. I thought he was joking around. He ripped of my pants and started grabbing my butt hard. I screamed “stop,” but he kept going. He put some liquid in my butt and it started to burn. He tied my hands and legs down. He forced himself inside me and I screamed in agonizing pain to stop, but he laughed at my pain and kept going for hours. He gave me a pill to stay awake, so he would hear my screams of pain. “No, no, please ahh. It hurts please,” were the words I cried. At this point, he clipped me to stay open and shined a light on me. He began to take tweezers and surgical tools and torture the inside of me. It hurt… Continue reading »


I…don’t remember that much. I was only 2 or 3, most likely 3. I was raped by a women with blonde hair, that’s all I remember. I don’t know her name and I can’t remember her face. I only remember her kissing my neck. It was truly horrible. This was 11 years ago. She probably did more than that, my mind isn’t letting me remember it though, as if protecting me. I will forever be scarred. My innocence and childhood was taken away at that moment. To this day, I still feel her kisses on my neck and I try to scratch it away. It won’t go away. No one knows, not even my family, just close friends. I think I was raped after that as well, I feel like I have by another family member. Yet, I still can’t remember. Sexual abuse scars you in a weird way, like it’ll never fully heal. You’ll… Continue reading »

Someone I Dated

I was raped by someone I dated, I’ve told one person and it scares me to tell anyone else. Maybe sharing this with you and anyone who reads this will help. I know I’m not alone but it’s still scary to talk about. I was casually dating, let’s just call him ”B”, for a couple of months before the rape. Things we’re going pretty well, we had fun together but it was nothing serious. One night he came over after work, he worked at a bar so he usually got to my place around 3 am, we slept together that night and everything was fine until the morning. He wanted to have sex again and I did not. B kept asking and I said I was tired and didn’t feel like it, I said no multiple times but I guess he didn’t take it seriously. Before I knew it, I was laying on my stomach… Continue reading »

4th of July

I remember it like it was yesterday. And although I was intoxicated at the time, I remember the pain. I remember the embarrassment afterwards. I was 20 years old, and I was waiting for marriage. He was a hockey player. He was charming and he was older. It was the Fourth of July, and he asked me to hang out. I had a fake ID, so we went to the bars. After a few drinks at a bar, I wanted to go home. I asked him to take me home, but that was a silly question. He was visiting Michigan from Chicago and did not have a car since he was with his hockey team. He told me that he’d walk me to my car where we could sit and talk and sober up and then I could drive home. So, we walked to it. We got inside. We talked. Then we started kissing. We… Continue reading »