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Live Review: Beverly Hills Fashion Festival

L.A. Fashion Week wrapped up two weeks ago but the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival curbed any chance of runway withdrawals by showcasing collections from Elie Tahari, Teresa Rosati, William Rast and H. Lorenzo, this past Saturday.

Nestled next to The Beverly Hilton, the event attracted an affluent crowd dressed to the nines. Like most fashion shows nowadays, vendors were on display. The only difference here was that the attendees weren’t too interested in the various booths. We saw a few people at Custo Barcelona, Young Fabulous & Broke, Leslie Fastlicht Russo Jewelry, Aireheart by Sydney, Gypsy05, Skin by Monica Olsen, Per-fekt, Tahiti My Pearl, Isharya and others, but overall the vendors themselves.

Before the show, we got a sneak peek at The Linor Documentary Project, which was put together by Linor Abargil in an effort to spread the word on rape and help victims tell their story. A portion of the proceeds from the event went to the Teddy Bear Clinic for abused children in Soweto, South Africa. (to view the rest of this article please click here)


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