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14 Years, He Was Like A Brother

I was 19 years old, just came home from my first semester of college. I start back at my old job, seen many of the same faces, but also some new. One face in particular was of a guy I grew up with, I had known him for 14 years and was like my older brother. He always looked out for me, he always cared like an older brother does (I would know, I have 3 older brothers). So, of course when he asked if I wanted to hang out I said YES. He was like my brother, I trusted him.

So we went into the woods, went mudding (trail riding in the woods). I took a friend of mine along for the trip because we were already hanging out, but she needed to be home by 7. So we did just that, went out then got her home by 7, he then asked me if I wanted to go back out. I, once again said yes (because I love the woods).

We went back, a different trail this time. But he pulled over, put his truck in park, then turned it off. He turned to me and started trying to kiss me, but I kept telling him to stop. He started to get aggressive and push me down onto the seat and pulled my shorts down. I was doing everything I could to push him off, but nothing worked.

So I gave up. I stopped trying. He did what he wanted to me, and I didn’t stop him, because I couldn’t. My mind shut down and I just gave up.

I went to the police, but there wasn’t enough evidence.

I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s been almost 2 years but the pain won’t stop.

Some days are better than others, but they’re all just the same.

— Meghan, age 21

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