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This is a very long story DO NOT READ IF TRIGGERED. Well i meet a boy when i was little we both were 15 , 16 he would do little simple things like grind on top of me with clothes on and kissing me. He started to force me to let him try to put it in oh i was a virgin at the time he would hold me down he did other things its just hard to remember well then i met another boy he was like 23 or 22 while i was 16. he used to force his fingers into me and chock me it would only be his pinky finger but it hurt so bad because i was a virgin. he used to treat me so bad he use to hit me all the time. But heres the biggest stories of them I met a boy at Walmart. I was in the car he was driving and pulled up and his car. I remember it was a red charger and was like “Hey” and we began talking so we exchange numbers then walked away he text me and ask normal questions. you’re cute, how old are you, can we talk, etc. I asked how old he was he said 24 i was 1 7 so i thought ok he can be just a friend because he’s too old for me. He talked and finally he picked me up we went to his sister house and smoked and hung out he made his little sister get out of a room so we could go in there when we got in there he said imma be his “good girl” and he started kissing me. i pushed him off multiple times but he pulled me closer he turned me over and forced my clothes off. i told him i was a virgin. i told him over and over to stop. i cried for him to stop but he kept going he got up and looked and said baby why you doing this i know you want it” then he tried to out me on top of him by talking his way into the position but i fought and he finally gave up. Let me remind you he was older i thought i was cool hanging out with an other boy and i thought well i lost my virginity to him so i have to stay with him so he started picking me up on a daily from corners of my house so my parents wont see me. he used to pick me up from school just to go do it and then i got pregnant by him and this man lied and said he was 24 but he was really 27. thats when i saw the new him. he used to force me to have sex with him. he used to make me get on top and he would hold my hands and forced himself into me hard on purpose because i wouldn’t be still or i wouldn’t call him daddy. i remember on my baby shower he told me spend the night with him. i didn’t want to but he got in my head so i did i told him before i left i didn’t wanna have sex he said okay. When we got there we laid down and he got on me and said “you’re gonna give me what i want” and he forced himself in me and he did the same that morning. he always says i can’t have another man but he has a whole girlfriend who he stays with. He always says i’m a hoe because i wanna go out with friends to eat or just simply hang out. I wish i can have a good ending story but its not. i have a son by this man i’m only 18 and he still does this but i pray i will get away and overcome this because i have a new boyfriend that’s been here since i first been pregnant and he’s wonderful. its just the fathers dad is ruining everything that i have. i wish i was a Survivor.


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Robina
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