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Stranger Danger

I was on vacation walking at night with a friend on my birthday when we saw a bus go by and stop ahead of us. The driver and doorman waved us over friendly like. We go on the bus like we had a few times previous on the tropical island we were currently exploring. After driving for a bit we realize we are being taken in the wrong direction and asked the to stop the bus. The two men in front and in charge of the otherwise empty bus let my friend off first, but as he exited the doorman pushes him hard off the bus. He slammed and locks the door closed as the driver simultaneously drives off.

I remember my friends water bottle exploding on the back window of the bus as we sped off when he threw it in anger and fear while another car pulled up behind him and tried to pull him in. Thankfully he was too strong and got away. I on the other hand was still on the bus. In shock.

I lunged for the doors forgetting the doorman had locked them and was met with being thrown back across the bus seat and being slapped hard across the face. With a very large and scary knife being shoved in my face and a stern look to impart without words to behave or get stabbed. So I behaved.

They stripped me after parking the bus and sent me to the back of the bus where they took turns raping me in every way they could think of. I was in shock and completely obedient, but dead to the world about it. They kept me alive and they dumped me off after they were both finished with me after taking my bag and rifling through it, checking my ID and making sure to return my passport so I could leave the country and not stick around hunting them down which is what would have happened if I could afford it.

Not a single cop or even the district attorney who listened to my case with a yawn. She thought the interpol officer who had brought me to her was making it all up for a reason I am unaware of to this day. A few years later, I received a Facebook friend request from the same place and by a fellow who looked exactly like one of my rapists and had pictures of him at his job – a bus company with pictures of him thumbs upping right beside a bus exactly like the one I was raped in. I went the police here and got nowhere. No help or resolution has ever come of this, I suffer with the fear of stranger danger every single day.


  • Elisa
  • Elisa Bonora


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