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My Story

Here my story.
I was in relationship my ex raped me so many times. I kept telling him to stop but he wouldn’t he abuse me etc he hit me call me names threatening to kill my family.
I thought he loved me all he wanted was power over me he didn’t want me around my family friends or my son.
He was much stronger than me.
I was fighting a losing battle I was drained out in relationship.
Finally I had enough of him I broke up with him then I found out I was pregnant by him. I will not tell him as advised not he hit my son he not allowed near kids because he abuse his daughter he hit his daughter and my son.
I feel terrible I never thought I’d fall in love such a monster at the time.
I feel so mad at myself even let him do it to me. I get nightmare’s him on top of me. I told him to stop he wouldn’t stop, he would laugh as if it was normal.
Didn’t press charges because I never want to see him again he lives a 100 miles from me.
I am from Ireland.

— Sinead, age 28

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