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Everything was normal up until October 21st 2015.

I was attending a school near my mother’s house and not to mention this was a alternative school so there was older people in my classes, I was the youngest I am only 17 years old. On this very day I was sitting in class and I noticed a boy and he came and sat down and started talking to me. We had really good conversations then we just stopped talking and started doing our work. Near the end of the day as I was leaving he called my name and took my phone and put his number in my contacts and proceeded to tell me him and I should drink that night. I went home and got excited because he was a cute looking boy and I on the other hand not so much. Later that night I told my mother and older brother I was going to be gone for about an hour and I would be home soon. I didn’t come home for 16 hours.
When we got to his place he pulled out the bottle and we started drinking and listening to music on his back porch. I realized what time it was and I told him I needed to leave because the subways and busses where gonna close down for the night. He never let me leave. I remember him turning off the light and forcefully trying to take my clothes off and I kept telling him to stop but he never listened. I remember looking straight in his eyes crying telling him to quit it out but he only got angrier and punched me in the face and tossed me around. If I could explain the pain I felt or how terrified I was I would. But I can’t. I never seen him again after that night.

And then it happened again

On January 5th I was at my moms house drinking with all my friends and some of my family. I was really close with this one guy and we called each other brother and sister and my mom also called him her son. He was so close with my family and was best friends with my seconded oldest brother. He wasn’t drinking that night or doing any drugs. I went to lay down in the bedroom and just a remember hearing the bedroom door open and foot steps leading up to wear I was at. Then I felt something go into my mouth and I tried to get up but I was so weak so I tried screaming. I heard a voice telling me to “shut the hell up” he covered my mouth with one hand and choked me with the other. I started crying because I kept thinking “not again please god not again”.

I was so scared, I was hurt I felt so small and I had the chance to look and see who it was.. My heart broke to a million pieces because I wasn’t starring into the eyes of someone I once called my brother I was looking into the eyes of something evil. I tried kicking and screaming but nobody could hear me because everyone was passed out drunk. Once he was finished I pulled my pants up and ran to the bathroom and started crying. I felt like I didn’t wanna live anymore I felt so disgusted and nasty and dirty.

To this day, I am so scared to close my eyes for the slightest second or to even sleep for that matter. I haven’t told my parents or family members or friends just my sister in law. She then let me move in and has been taking care of me ever since.

— Survivor, age 17

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