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Holding My Feelings In

I’ve been raped twice and attempted rape, which I was coerced into I stopped but it was still very much sexual assault. This is over the past few months. I’m jumpy can’t focus very anxious all the time sleep is when I can I try to sleep and have nightmares sometimes. I’m irritable and have lost a stone I’ve two infections. I did physical cleaning this afternoon. I was better whilst doing it. I’m having trouble even thinking it sounds daft. I’m doubting myself and avoiding meaningful conversations. Am trying to eat to improve my health. Until a few weeks ago, I was drinking when I was going out and overeating anything. I feel like crying sometimes. I live next door to the neighbor that attempted to rape me and they have thrown mad across my door. They bang a lot on the walls and when I was cleaning it off, I had my door open and my dog by me. They opened their door and talked and shut it. It’s like fear strikes in me when that happened and when I hear his voice outside.

— Bella, age 48

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