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A Big Man

I was walking home from school one afternoon when two guys stopped a car and forced me in. They drove me to a wooded area then started flipping a quarter to see which one got to go first. I kept trying to get away, but they would not let me. However I started screaming to the top of my lungs and fighting with them. About the time they had my clothes almost off, there was a band and the one trying to rape me feel like a wet dish rag. There was another pop and the second one hit the ground. Then I saw this big boy I knew from school with a big wooden stick. I was afraid I was dead. Then he asked if the XXX XX X XXXXXX had hurt me. While I was getting dressed, he took my attackers and locked them in their own car trunk. I was confused, this man who put down at school had just became my hero in all ways. He suggested we walk to call the sheriff’s department to make sure we didn’t mess up any evidence in the car. Later that night he called to ask if I was OK and I knew he had never had a girlfriend. So I asked him if he wanted to go out and we did. We started dating and are now married and the attempted rapist served a few years and was released. After one of them run into my mountain man on the street they both moved away.

— Survivor, age 29

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