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A Family Cycle

My name is Hannah, I am 31 now my molestation happened when I was 6 years old to 10. It might as well been rape cause the whole ordeal of what I went through felt like rape. My grandfather molested me. I remember.

I know your story is different then mine but how I see it and God too we all have the same pain the same cry the same fears. What made it worse is that I tried telling my mom wich was her dad that victimized me, and she didn’t want to hear it or believe me, he also molested my cousin. My grandfather did more to her then me. She still to this day remembers going trough those painful day’s. Growing up I went through horrible times with my mom and her side of the family, instead of my having my mother for support I didn’t have no one I was alone and that lead me to have a baby when I was 17, wich now she is 13 and the most wonderful daughter. I know that what I went through is making me a better mother and as I grew up I also found out that too my mom and aunt’s went through horrible molestation from my grandfather dad so I’ve learned that it is a family cycle that needs to break by the grace of God and faith I am doing that.


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