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A Self Destructive Life

I was sexually abused by my stepfather from age 5 until age 13. My mom knew and did nothing. Actually she told me when I was 10 that… ” everyone has hardships and this was mine so shut up and deal with it.” I was also abused by 2 of my older brothers,2 uncles,a family friend,a boss,many of my brothers friends including a gang rape when I was 8. I lived a self destructive life for a while and was involved in 2 very abusive relationships. I have 2 girls that are in their 20s and am now happily married. I think surviving all that I have has made me a stronger and more compassionate person. Linor is doing a good service by getting the word out that it’s okay to talk about it and vent about it. I wish there was someone I could of talked to when I was younger.


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