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An Acquaintance

I was recently raped by an acquaintance. I allowed him to come into my home like he had been before. We had had a sexual encounter before and he always respected safe words, but this time he didn’t. He whipped me repeatedly, he put a belt around my neck and strangled me many times. At one point I thought I was going to pass out but I didn’t. He removed the belt from my neck and put a rope around it and kept whipping me, and began to rape me with objects. The rape may have only lasted an hour but the effects on my life are everlasting. I still can’t go in my bedroom, but as bad as the attack was what happened after the attack was worse.

With the support of loved ones I went to the hospital. Got a rape kit done wanted to talk to police, well while at the hospital they couldn’t photograph my injuries because the 2 cameras weren’t working, after the exam was done I was told it was “too late” for cops to take my statement and I should go home and call the cops in the morning to take a report. As a sexual assault survivor I knew if I went home I wouldn’t press charges so I had to yell (which was hard due to the strangulation I had a bruised larynx and trachea) that I demanded to speak with police. Instead of coming to the hospital they said they would have to take me to police headquarters (which isn’t the protocol) to take my statement. They took my statement and said they had enough to arrest my attacker. I went home to sleep only to wake up to my attacker calling me. I called the police and filed another report and blocked his number and deleted all social media. They told me he would be arrested within the week. It’s almost two months later and he still hasn’t been arrested. I asked the cops one time why he hasn’t been caught and he replied we don’t know where he is. Well I have a friend who has him on Facebook and has seen where he has posted his locations my friend has called the cops and said “the guy who attacked my friend is here, go arrest him he’s wanted” not once but TWICE! And the cops have “missed” him. I call the cops and ask them what’s going on and the cop replied “well he appears to be a person who doesn’t come into contact with police very often!” Plus all the resources they offered to me have bounced me around from clinic to clinic because each thinks the other is better equipped to help me, but in that process no one yet has helped me! They still haven’t taken my witness statement. The whole investigation has been a joke and I have felt more victimized by the people who are there to help you than by the scum who attacked me.
But I also wanted to thank you. I saw your movie before I was attacked and I watch it now on days when I feel I can’t get through and your courage gives me courage and your strength give me strength and for that I wanted to thank you and I’m sorry if my story has been triggering to anyone reading it.

— Whitney


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