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Be Careful Who You Trust

Be careful who you trust, they could end up betraying you. At least that is what happened to me.
My mother had been dating this guy for almost 7 years. They had 2 kids together. I had trusted him life he was my father. I guess I shouldn’t have.
When my mom went on a business trip to LA, she was gone for a week. I was left alone with her boyfriend, who i thought i could trust. Two nights after my mom had left, I decided to watch a TV show downstairs. I had intended to finish it, bur i fell asleep.
I remember kind of waking up, but not being all the way observant, and feeling myself being touched. Now, i will admit that i have had dreamed that have been real enough that i thought i was being touched. That wasn’t the case here.
I told myself that it was just a dream and went back to sleep. The next thing i knew, i was being raped by my mothers boyfriend. I laid there in terror and shock and wasn’t able to move. When i did try and leave, he threatened that if I told anyone that he would hurt me. I was so scared so I didn’t tell anyone.
4 months went by and i kept it all inside. Then it just became too much to handle, so i called the police. Everything happened from there, with court and all. He is claiming that i agreed to being raped by him. Its all stressful and i have no clue how to handle it. Im only a little girl, who was betrayed by someone i trusted. I cant trust anyone now.

— Alana, age 17

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