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Because of you

i used to be an innocent child that now no longer exists because of you i use to be a happy kid always talking to everyone protect myself from everything and move freely and then you came an took everything from that kid I became afraid of everyone that reminded me of you and what you did to me .I am still blaming myself for what you did i still doubt myself an my actions probably because i didn’t stop you then. 4 year later I still remember your dirty hand on my body in a place full of strangers looking at me with that disgusting look I am still afraid being around a lot of men. But because of you i am a stronger girl I am better and tougher. Because of you i lost a part of me the part of me which thought that the word was a place full of joy and kindness . Thanks to you I constantly look behind my back for a monster that looks like you who wants to do to me the same thing again
You have broken me but I have made a promise to myself that I will get better that I will take back everything you took away from me.


  • sharon
  • Alexis


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