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Bleeding Through My Tears

When I was four years of age, my maternal grandfather orally raped me. I have taken many years to remember the trauma and many more years to heal. It is an ongoing process, I am winning, however not without Gods help. He, walks this journey with me and comforts me when no one else can. It is a hard concept for people to understand let alone believe. There are days I still do not believe that someone who should have loved me, could possibly hurt me and scar my soul. He did not win, God won and has blessed me with a strong will to love, no matter what happens in ones life. I am a survivor, no longer the victim of a choice he made fifty-six years ago. Maybe one day God willing, I will have the chance to ask him why? Until then I shall live and love and forgive even him, for that is what He tells me I must do!

— Bonnie Gay Hartlen, age 60

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