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Bruises and Scars

Honestly, I didn’t even know where to start, it took me 5 days to finish this and have some proof read to see if its okay.

It was an ordinary night with friends when we decided to have some overnight. I thought we are all girls yet they brought their boyfriends and their boyfriends friends. I was alone, I texted my boyfriend to notify him but my friends took my phone.

They invited me to drink but I resisted because I am pretty aware of what might happened so I just chose soda. Unfortunately.. I began to feel dizzy and numb. When this guy carried me and lay me on the table.

I thought when a person was drugged, she’ll not be able to recall the incident but to my experience. I have remembered everything until today.

I realized that my friends are already having sex with their boyfriends and here I am, a virgin who choses soda over anything else. I was left with 2 men.

He lay me down on the table, removed my clothes, one by one. He even told the other guy that I was like a jackpot prize because I have the full package. I can’t fight back but I tried. I tried with all my might but he punch me into my stomach which weakens me. I cannot shout because he covered my mouth.

He licks my body, suck my breast as he put his weight in me. I can feel his manhood. I’m crying..

He enters me aggressively. I’ve lost count. I can’t count. I thought he was finished but he pull me against the table then do it again. His friend was recording us. He was shouting.

Then I can’t feel myself. When they switched parts. The other guy went top of me, as he licks my neck.. he enters me slowly the fast.

I felt them inside me. I was broken.

I had bruises, scars…but those wounds would mend easily,the wound in my soul and heart wouldn’t.

They threatened to kill me if I will speak to anyone so I didn’t.

My boyfriend noticed that I was downcast until he saw my bruises and scars at my body. He was furious. He cried so do I.

I was a virgin. Preserving myself until marriage but It was stolen from me. I should have give it to the one I love but I guess that’s not the way it is.

I was 18 that time. Now that I’m married with my boyfriend who happens to wake me up every night due to nightmare for the past 5 years of being together. That night still haunts me.

I know I should have done something. And my husband did.

The two were now in jail. Guilty for what they have done to me. But I guess it’s not enough I still have nightmares.

— Elena

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