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But what really happened?

Last week I had decided to go on a night out with a few of my friends. Being 19, clubbing and alcohol is a hobby of mine, I did what I usually do and just go with the flow of the night.
We had started off at the pub, I only had 2 pints of cider and 2 sour shots. I was tipsy but fine. We gathered some extra people and decided to go to a nightclub. In a 7 seater taxi I was the only female, I tried to not over think on the situation but I felt worried. There were 2 extra guys that were with us that I had never met, that also looked heavily drugged up on something.. One of the unknown guy sat opposite me, he asked me “What are you doing after clubbing?” I told him how I was going to go round to my boyfriends (who decided to stay home). After that the guy left me alone.
We all got into the nightclub and stood at the bar to order a drink and that was the last that I remember.
Before I know it I wake up in a car with a man on top of me, having sex with me. I don’t remember much on how it stopped or how I put my trousers back on but I remember running and crying. I ran and hid in the corner of a nearby pub garden and rung my friends saying I had gotten raped.
At that moment I didn’t fully process or know what happened but there was a gut instinct I had that knew.
My friends explained to me I seemed very drunk, they sent me home in a taxi where the unknown guy who was with us, that had asked me what was I doing after clubbing offered to make sure I got home. I was told his name so the next day I decided to contact this guy so I could ask what happened, thats where he told me we had sex in his car.
To this day I have no idea what happened, I’ve never cheated and wouldn’t. My relationship with my boyfriend was steady. I’ve never done a one night stand and wouldn’t plan on it. I’ve never had sex outside of the bedroom and wouldn’t plan too.
I have drunken twice as much as I had that night before and been fine. I have never blacked out from alcohol.
The day after the incident I reported it to the police, with the investigation still going on. The whole confusion of what really happened to me that night is beginning to ruin me.

— Survivor, age 19


  • Alexis


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