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Child Molestation

I am watching Brave Miss World now and recently I have been sitting on my couch crying, not sure knowing why. I have struggled my entire life trusting anyone and depression, anxiety, fear, anger, struggling with my sexuality. Between the ages of as early as I can remember to 7, I was molested by the neighbor, a man, the boys, the daughter. Then by women older than me, teen girls over and over again and told me I should be quiet because I should like it. These were all my father’s friends. I have told a few people and mostly keep quiet because when I was 21. I told my mom and she said it was normal. When my mom passed away in 2010. I was at her after funeral get together, and my dad’s friend slapped me on the ass and I got mad and said don’t do that. He said, We know what happened to you and it wasn’t me. His daughters were the ones that did it to me repeatedly. I got angry and said if you know this happened to me then tell me who it is, because I knew it happened before I could remember, but blocked it out but knew something happened. I don’t remember details or who. He wouldn’t tell me but taunted me. It was sick. I asked his son later if he knew what happened and he said he didn’t know, but his mom said something traumatic happened to her but wouldn’t tell him what it was. I called her and she would not return my calls. I have done drugs from 29- 42. I couldn’t stop. I have been sober for 4 years. I feel shame, unworthy, sad, never enough and no one, not one has supported me ever. I wish I could speak out and tell my entire famiyl and dad what happened to me. Every time I speak my truth my family has always told me I’m crazy and shut up. Thank you for listening. Love to you and all the women that have been terrorized by sick minded humans that take the innocence and don’t realize the damage they do to a person for the rest of their life.

— Shari Mosqueira

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