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College Student

I was raped. By a guy I thought was cool. He was a member of a fraternity. I thought he was cool. He invited me to his place for dinner. I thought he liked me. I got to his place he had picked me up from campus. So I was stuck at his place. But I thought I could trust him. Needless to say I never got that dinner. He held me down. I asked him to stop. He would not. He held me down until I gave in. He made me have sex with him for hours. I asked to be taken back to campus. He would not take me. He made me stay until the next morning. He dropped me off with no words. I never talked to him again. I was too embarrassed to tell my family or friends. I have kept this secret for over 20 years. It has destroyed my relationships.. I have trust issues. I have self-esteem issues. I am engaged. My fiancée knows about the rape. He does not know how it has affected me.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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