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Cruel Kids

I was 14 and in my last year of Jr. High. A lot of girls didn’t like me so I just wanted friends I had a friend invite me to a party for senior ditch day and I went got there and everyone who hated me was there I felt sick and wanted to leave as I was leaving girls was calling me mean names made me cry as I was walking out a man approached me and said he can give me a ride. The next thing I know he grabbed my hand and dragged me into a van with another female who was a prostitute and two another males we drove around for 2 hrs I was just so numb and scared and thought I was never gonna see my family. His intention was to pimp me.

He even almost took another girl but her mom came and he speed off. The worst part we was right in front of a precinct when he raped me in the van while the others stood outside and waited their turn. I fought like my life depended on it. Eventually we returned to the block where they grabbed me from and I decided it was die a victim or save my own life. So I took my chance and ran out the van blood all over me no shirt and torn pants. I ran to a lady who was unloading her groceries. I ran right in her house because they were chasing me and I told her lock her door call the cops. Her husband came running in the front room with a gun pointed at me because she was screaming. I told him I was just gang raped and they were coming to kill me. He ran outside gun still drawn and they ran back to the van. Her husband was a NYPD police officer I cried so hard because I knew it was God who led me to her door they caught him and the girl. An hour later that day ,two of the suspects were never caught.

I’m now 26. When I was 22, an old classmate found me on Facebook and told me the whole thing was set up by another classmate because she didn’t like me. She told the man who was 27 at the time that I was the school whore and I would go with him. I was a virgin when I was raped I wasn’t the school whore. I was the school outcast. Girls made fun of me for being biracial.

Even though this happened 10 years ago, it still affects me by the age of 18. I have attempted suicide 6 times at 21 I became a mother and becoming another saved me from my horrible past.

— Kristen, age 26


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