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Drug raped

I’ve never been superstitious. It was Friday 13th and 14th of January when part of my life was taken from me. Myself and my friend decided to go for a few glasses of wine after work. We arrived at the bar around 4pm and ordered a bottle of wine to share. We were having normal girls conversation about general things in life, a very relaxed evening. There were a group of guys at the bar and one was very attractive. My friend went to purchase another bottle and two of the guys joined us one being the attractive one. The conversation was flowing and he asked my friend if I was single, we made arrangements to meet the following evening. That was not the case. I remember the other guy saying my friend really likes you and him pouring wine into my glass. After that my friend left me and I only have flash backs of what happened, pain, being strangled and thinking I was going to die. They both raped me throughout that night. I only have certain memories, maybe a good thing. One of them left during the night one stayed. The next morning when he finally left I went into shock, my hair was all over my living room, the wine glass I had been drinking out of in the bar and an empty drugs bag. I had bite marks over my body an bruising internally and externally. I told my sister that day but didn’t want to report it because I couldn’t remember what happened. As the days went on the flash backs started. I reported it to the police a week later. The scum who put me through this are soldiers. To my knowledge they have never been arrested or even questioned. I was treated like a criminal. These animals are walking about with not a care in the world. That night was planned, how many other survivors are there. I’ve lost all faith in the justice system.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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