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From Friends to Nothing

I went out with a friend of mine to go play tennis, but we wanted to make it more fun so we decided to invite two of our guy friends, I knew my mom would not be okay with me hanging out with one of the guys so I lied to her telling her I was only going with my girl friend. After we finished playing, my girl friend and I couldn’t find a ride home so we asked the guy who I wasn’t suppose to be hanging out with to give us a ride and he did so.

Myself and this guy were best friend. He literally was my ride or die and we were always there for each other. Talking every single day but we did have a thing for each other but I ended up cutting it of because he eventually got a girl friend, but from time to time we would flirt but it was nothing as in touching it was just verbally.

So when he took us home, he took my girl friend home first then he took me home. We were just talking about normal, every day stuff and on the way to my house he kept asking me if anyone was home. He kept asking me, but I never really thought why he was asking. Then when he passed my house he asked me to show him an area where his friends smoked weed, so I showed him where it was. We approached the dead end and he turned around eventually stopping to put the location in his phone.

He then started touching my forehead and just trying to pick on me in a funny way. Then he eventually leaned in to kiss me and I kissed him back. He leaned in for another kiss and I turned my head. I told him he had a girlfriend and he said so what. He then took a big breath in and came over onto my side of the passenger seat and took my seat belt off. He pulled my shirt and bra up and started feeling my upper parts and kissing my neck. I was in shock I didn’t really do much at this point until he stared pulling my shorts and underwear down. He started pulling them down and I grabbed them and started pulling them up I ended up having a bad grip and began hearing the sound of them ripping he eventually got them below my knees where I couldn’t reach.

Before I knew it his pants were off and he started rubbing himself on me down there, telling me I wanted it and I kept telling him to stop. Eventually he took his underwear off and started forcing himself inside. I was a virgin so it was beyond painful and I wanted him to stop, I was covering my vagina with my hands trying to protect myself, but he would just grab my wrist forcing them onto the car seat every time I tried to stop him I tried pushing him away and it just didn’t work eventually I gave up and just let him do it.

Now I have to deal with going to school with him and his sarcastic smirks that he gives me and I just have to try to move on which feels completely impossible since I still feel like it was my fault.

-Survivor, 17


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Maryrose


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