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How My Life Has Changed

I have the most incredible respect for all of the victims who are speaking out. I am writing about my experience only because I CAN NOT IMAGINE what would have happened if I had not escaped my attacker, because…even though I escaped, my life has never been the same. I was sleeping in a hotel in Venezuela in 1985 and I was jumped while in bed by a very large man. I had seen him in the hotel earlier and refused to go out with him. It was new years eve. He covered my mouth and was on top of me. He said if I continued to yell that he would seriously hurt me more than he was. I forced myself to stop struggling and I said to him “why didn’t you tell me it was you ? I thought you were someone coming in here to kill me.” My entire body was shaking so badly. I stalled as much as possible and was able to trick him and run out of the room. I threw myself down flights of marble stairs and into the street screaming wearing only undergarments. The police were blaming me for traveling alone!

I have never been able to sleep in a house without alarm system or barred windows. I can not walk anywhere at night from a garage or street alone. I have to check the house under beds and closets if I come home alone.. and must do this while I am on the phone with someone. I still wake up at night screaming and seeing someone in my room. This is why I write : I WAS NOT EVEN RAPED and the entire event changed my life forever. I am so so sorry for all of you that had horrible experiences. The movie is great and you all are on my mind.

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