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I Want My Life Back

when i see children playing i envy them…they seem so happy, stress free and i wish i could be like them..Am trying to be normal and happy but its hard as i cannot stop thinking about that fateful night when i lost myself.I was raped by an acquaintance, a guy that i had been hanging out with during that day..i met him through my friend and the three of us spent the day driving and talking about politics and of course lunch, drinks and dinner…He dropped my friend at his house and proceeded to drive to my place..however at some point he started touching me and i pushed him away..he touched me again and i pushed him away..before i even blinked he shoved out a knife and said he would stab me if i didn’t let him..i tried opening the door but it was locked..i was very scared..he turned from a nice guy to a beast..i had no choice..the guy proceeded to rape me but he used a condom..i saw it..After he tried initiating conversation but i was soo angry. i kept numb as dropped me at my house..the next day he did call and say that he regretted what happened and that he wanted to make me his girlfriend..i could not hear none of that. I did go to the hospital for tests. After a few days i got him to confess on tape during a lunch I eventually asked him to. Thats when i rushed to the police and after weeks of trips to three police stations, the prosecution told me and the evidence wasn’t enough, that the jury would reject it. All Ii do now is pray and try to be strong and happy. God’s justice never fails and i hope he gets his punishment someday. I shall continue to raise awareness and live as I had plans to.

— Survivor, age 25


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