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I’m Speaking Out!

I’m really glad to see people like Linor Abigal speaking out against sexual violence. I believe the more of us that speak out the less power we give this crime and we help victims and survivors heal.

I experienced childhood sexual abuse from age 8-14 and it took me over two decades to be able to speak about it and find the strength to heal. Having been so fortunate to heal from the trauma, I feel I have an obligation to speak out and help others heal because many survivors can go through their entire life traumatized. Which is very wrong and a tragedy to spend a life time not fully living, and paying for a crime you had committed against you. I spoke out by writing a memoir called “I Woke Up In China”. In the book, I documented what it was like to live for decades traumatized while trying to lead a normal life and how I eventually healed from it.


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