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In the Hospital

I was a medical student, and he was a resident in a surgical specialty. We were dating, and he had been respectful of my boundaries. As a Catholic, I intended to remain a virgin until I was married. We were both on call at the same hospital, and there weren’t enough beds for all of the medical students that night. So he offered to give me access to a resident call room so that I could rest. He met me there, and raped me. Because he took my virginity, I stayed with him for 2 years, thinking that if he married me, it would erase the shame. He also gave me herpes. He knew he had it, and didn’t bother to use a condom to even try to protect me. As a resident at the same hospital years later, I had to sleep in a call room 3 doors away from where I was raped. I haven’t seen him for 7 years and I haven’t been able to be in a relationship since. I am afraid I will never marry or have children.


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