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I was raped at 18 by an ex boyfriend. I was a virgin.
I had always thought that I would be physically strong enough to fight anything if I was in a position where I was in danger. I wasn’t. He was so strong and so determined, I couldn’t move. Once you know that you are never the same, that fear is always with you. I never told anyone. I knew if my dad found out it would become all about him and his anger and not about me.

My virginity was something I could never get back, would never ever be mine to give freely, he robbed me off that.

I went to work away, my reaction to the rape was {where I had fiercly guarded my virginity} was to become promiscuous, got pregnant, became a single parent. I found a few years later someone else prosecuted him, he served time. I’m sorry it wasn’t me.

— Survivor, age 68


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