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It’s Hard But It Gets Better

I don’t really know how to explain my story it’s long. I guess it started when i was 8 and my father called me into his room. That was the first time he touched me. That same day i asked him what he had done, he didn’t say much just that he wouldn’t do it again. Some days passed and he started touching me again I really didn’t know what was going on until i was maybe in the 6th grade where we had sex Ed class. I told him to stop but he didn’t, until one day my mother came home and my younger sister told her that my father would take me to his room and lock the door she went and i remember she hit him and told him to leave. But that didn’t last long my mom was pregnant when this happened and she had asked me if i wanted my father to leave i said yes, she then asked if I wanted my brother to grow up without a father i felt guilty and said no so my father stayed. He promised he wouldn’t touch me but he didn’t keep that promise when i was 12 he raped me and i stayed quiet. i didn’t say anything. i didn’t want to break up my family this kept going until i was 16. i then decided to tell my mother again and he stayed again but this time i somehow told the vice principal at my school and i was placed in foster care. i felt so guilty for breaking my family apart. Now I’ 20 and I still have some issues but i work on them everyday. my mother and siblings have had therapy which helped us a lot my mom has apologized and now its just us my father since then has been out of my life in a sense. The thing is that i miss the father he was when he didn’t hurt me he gave me life advice and he gave us more attention than my mother. I guess that’s what makes it hard to move on. I don’t really talk about this but the more often i talk about it the easier it gets. I am a survivor!

— Survivor, age 20

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