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Lifetime of Abuse

I have experienced horrific tragedy in my life. I came into a world with a mother that wanted me not as well, hated herself so she had no choice but to hate me, she suffered from severe un-diagnosed mental illness, she was mentally, physically and spiritually abusive. My earthly father was a man whore and alcoholic that when he found the church again as he hails from a line of Baptist ministers who had suffered from pedophilia for their children. My earthly father pursued me nightly in attempts to enter my sacred place, he lacked 100% success as my Heavenly Father protected me. At the tender age of 11 this had been going on for years while the only sleep I found was provided by the All, G-d gave me peace in the midst of the storm, one night during my 11th year the spirit took me over after a failed attempt to wake me and blacked this man’s eye. During all this my mother adopted a lover and would make me sit his children while she got jiggy with him in the next room, still makes me throw up a bit in my mouth, she was also a thief. When I was 6 my brother and I had moved back to our earthly parents home under their care away from the protection of my grandmother and great grandmother. One of our first trips was to San Jacinto Monument where my earthly father looked at me with such love, the love of a father for his daughter, I felt the warmth only for a short while as my mother became enraged that he loved me. She began to practice negative magic. She cast a spell that would lock the affections of my earthly father to our home. I at the age of 6 strongly advised against it, she ignored me and prepared the sacrificial bath for him and blindly he walked in, an act of G-d I am certain, from that day forward he pursued me with seemed a vengeance. Now you are up to age 11, imagine the other opportunities G-d has provided me to help me stay focused and move forward. I lacked even decent earthly guidance, the church lies, so GOD my holy father raised me from but a pup and for that I am truly grateful. When I look out over the masses who cause the chaos and have attempted to injure me, I THANK GOD WITH ALL THAT I AM AS I WOULD BE LESS, MUCH LESS LACKING THE LOVE AND GUIDANCE OF THE MOST HIGH AND HOLY! Blessings are disguised as tragedy, press on as even the most beautiful rose has thorns and children are such a blessing that are more appreciated when the pain of birth is accepted. Go in light and Love, spread truth. I am who I am as I trusted the All no matter what it appeared to be, The great spirit hid hope and faith in just the right spot, inside me.

I no longer require anonymity. I am Katherine Stewart. Please if you are lost and need help I am out of the woods and here to help!

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