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Military Sexual Trauma

I was in the Air Force, 18 years old, stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. I worked in the Foreign Technology Division, for the Commander. My car was in the mechanic, and I needed a ride back to the barracks. The Commander asked a 65 year old enlisted man that worked in the department to give me a ride. I did not know him. The weather was bad. I wasn’t sure of the route he was taking. He pulled into a field and turned off the car. I started to ask what he was doing. He unzipped his pants & pushed my head down. I was so scared and shocked. I felt betrayed. When it was over, he threatened me that I better not tell anyone, or he would kill me. I had to go back to work the next day. I was terrified to see him. I didn’t tell anyone, and I tried to forget about what happened. A few days later, I got the courage to tell the Commander. He looked stunned. He told me he was a family man, and about to retire. He told me he would send me back to California. I would be given an honorable discharge. The man that assaulted me was retired with his full pension. It took 6 months to be discharged, I was so depressed about the assault, I swallowed a bottle of pills. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital. I went home with no services. 34 years later, I finally received therapy. My story is all too common. People who commit sexual assault in the military are swept under the rug. Women receive therapy, but nothing is done to the men that commit these crimes. The military needs to hold them accountable. #IAmBrave

— Terry, age 58

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