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My Biggest Secret

I don’t know where to begin. Let’s just say this started when I was in head start. Maybe even before. My uncle who was maybe 17, 18 at the time would do these things to me I didn’t understand. I lived with my dad and his brother lived there to. I would go into the living room looking for my dad and he was say he was at work and to come lay with him. He would touch my private parts and I would be scared. He would do it everyday… I don’t know why I never told anyone. I think he told me to keep it a secret. My dad didn’t know what his brother would do to his daughter, even to this day. That happened from head start to maybe 3 grade… Then I moved with my mom bc my dad went to prison. Living in another state now. Then someday, idk why but my mom called my grandma and got ahold of my dad’s family. Well she started talking to my uncle and for some fucked up reason they started liking each other (she doesn’t know he molested me). I was in 4th grade at the time when she said were going back to the state we left from. Anyways I started crying and crying but still didn’t tell her. Well they came for us and we started living with him. I’m shaking as I type… But my mom went to work every morning and as soon as she left out the door, he’d wake me up or carry me to his bed, put porn on and raped me. He used to just touch me but now he would actually stick it inside. I would pull away but he would say stop its almost over…. Smh that happened for half a year… Then we lost the house and had to move to another state with my moms mom. Then it stopped. My mother still doesn’t know her daughter was raped for years and years.. She doesn’t know I think about it everyday and why I’m always so depressed. I’m 20 now, I have a son and a husband. I told my husband about my past. He’s the only person that knows. We’re expecting more children but I’m terrified of having a daughter bc I would never ever want her to go through what I went through. I’m a Rape Survivor, thanks for hearing my story.

— Survivor, age 20

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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