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My Evil Cousins

When I was 4 I was sexually molested by one of my cousins. I didn’t tell anyone because when I did tell someone they laughed at me calling me a lair. When I was 6, I was sexually molested again for 6 years by my other cousin. I used to fight back and speak out but nobody believed me a silly 6 year old…so I stopped fighting and just let it be I was like his slave he used to masturbate. He used to strip me naked and touch me while I was sleeping he’d come inside the room and touch my vagina. I wanted to end my life. His family found out but they made me the bad guy they called me a slut. They said I had a crush on their 18 year old son and was a lair. My father went to jail when I was 6. When I went to visit before I left California, I told him and all he did was laugh at my face and call me a lair. I was so hurt. I started to cry then he started to cry. He knew I was telling the truth. He just didn’t wanna believe it. What hurts the most is when I left California and when my father sends me pics of him, he send me pics of him and my cousin smiling. Now I’m 14 and both of my cousins are married and have kids. Thats why I stopped believing in people and I guess it really is my fault cause all I’m getting is a rusty ass father and my mother who lives in Detroit…while they have a life and wives and kids. ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR!!!

— Survivor, age 14


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