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My experience

This is for the people who look twice over mental illnesses. Let me shed some light about my mental illness. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I was sexually abused against my will to help achieve some horny teens sexual enjoyment. He lived next to me almost my whole childhood. Because of him I suffer from PTSD, Severe Anxiety and deep depression. I used to skip school to avoid all the assholes who would try to kick a beat dog while he was down. So I acted out and made people stay away from me. I stopped playing all sports and stopped being a normal functioning adult. I am currently suffering from extreme anxiety attacks and panic attacks which i have no longer control of. So the people who look over people with mental illness’s think again they are suffering so hard to be accepted in this world. And this is for all the people who had an awful experience in their lifetime. I had to get this off my chest since its been causing me to think suicidal thoughts. Please go get help! Suicide is not the best option. Their are people who will help you just like I am being helped! Stay strong and never think it was your fault because that’s how I felt and it got me nowhere in life. Please learn from me and get help as soon as something like this happens to anybody and anybody’s child! Thank you! I feel much better for letting this out.


  • Alexis
  • Edie


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