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My Rape

It was 1 week before my 20th birthday, and I went to a bar after hearing that my grandparents had been in a car accident. I knew I was strong, and that I could handle myself, and I went without fear.

A man kept buying me drinks, and I kept drinking them. I soon lost my ability to text my friend in complete sentences, to stand up, and legally, to give any form of consent. I could not walk home from the bar, though it was only 2 minutes from my house, and he half-walked, half-carried me back to my house.

The next thing I remember, is him being inside of me, and me telling him to stop. The next morning, I walked him out, we hugged, and he left.

Later that day, my friend called me, having a sense that something was wrong. He picked me up, and we prayed together. A few hours later, we called my other friend, who had previously been in an abusive relationship, and went to the police, and to the hospital. While having an internal observation by the doctor, I began crying, and my friend continuously recited Psalm 23, over and over again. That has been the psalm that has continued to heal me over time.

I am in the midst of deciding whether I should file an actual report against him, and have the police file a warrant for his arrest. I have been praying over the past few days especially, and I believe, Linor, that my friend suggesting this film has been a sign from God that I should pursue legal action.

My faith in God has grown so much over these past 6 months, and I have experienced His peace, which transcends all understanding. Your story is a beautiful one, and truly shows the power of God, and that he might be able to use any circumstance to bring Him glory.

Thank you, for everything.

– Ray


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