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My younger brother

I live at home with an alcoholic bipolar dad and my has lost all dignity and self-love. I moved away from my home because of my abusive father and our tenant would talk about how he wanted to be with a younger woman, and touch me inappropriately. My parents convinced me to come home, telling me they would kick him out and get me a lock on my door so my dad would not be allowed in my room if i did not want him to be.
Ive always been a protective older sister to my younger brothers who are oblivious to how dysfunctional out family is. So when my little brother kept asking me every day to sleep in my bed (because his had trash on it from cleaning his room) i figired id just be giving him a safe place to fall asleep for a few days.
I was awoken to him on my leg much like an anoying dog that “likes you to much”…
Ive been raped before a while ago and just as before i froze, i kept telling myself he would not go that far, but he did. He raped me. Eventually, while he was using my limp hard to pleasure himself i pretended to wake up and asked him to leave.
I told my parents a few days later, but they believed his lie. They told me its because of the way i dress at home. They asked if it did happen why did i not fight back?
They are trying to convince me it was a messed up dream i had.
I found out while babysitting that this was not the first time, he even molested our 4-year-old godparents daughter.
I’m so confused and don’t know it i should tell someone, because that would get my dad sent away and my brother too.

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