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No one cared until I made them

My name is Deondra. I am 26 years old. I’ve been going through sexual harassment throughout my employment there from my supervisor. I reported it and in return nothing was done and i feel as if they thought i was lying and it was a joke or something! So i began carrying a tape recorder and i have recordings of it as proof! This man has done this numerous times and not just me but he’s been reported before! Moving me or him to a different shift is easy but i won’t have it… what happens to the next woman?!?! They can just keep allowing this! It’s a lot more that goes on such as retaliation towards officers when he’s having a bad day. It’s stressful going to work, being at work, being at home knowing i have to go there, just everything about that place. Other supervisors knew, i reported it to HR, and proof i reported it and recordings. Like it’s not just no one time thing… it’s like everyday all day at work and it’s getting worse and worse and more more explicit.

This is the same man that gave me a terrible evaluation (“lack of communication”) because I would not engage in conversations that weren’t pertaining to work and it went unnoticed or looked into even though previous evaluations were completely fine. No one cared to listen to me or believe me. What happens to the next woman? The women before me? Or me? No one cared or cares. I’m not the first woman to complain on this man… whether they went further I have no clue. The things I have dealt with at this job I have never in my life had to deal with. I understand harmless flirting but saying things of sexually nature are another thing and a supervisor should know better. I have done all I could to prevent this situation from escalating. Me and the man live within the same city/town and who knows what he’ll do! This whole situation has left me stressed and I constantly worry about it. I’m stressed at home about work and what I have to deal with there, I’m stressed at work because it’s like walking on egg shells, you have to stay on his good side!

On December 15, 2017 at 10:27am i sent recordings of sexual harassment to HR, HR then replied stating that “Deondra,
I will be back in the office on Tuesday; I will investigate this matter and get back with you soon.

On December 16, 2017 while returning supervisors keys to Lt. — he stated “im going to knock the dust off that pussy”!
December 16, 2017 at 5:13 Cpl. — called the supervisors office for a break and as i was getting ready to walk out the door, Lt. — then stated “let me get that” as if there was something on the back of my coat and proceed to rub the middle of my back to my buttock”.

On December 21, 3017 — asked me a series of questions for her investigations. She stated that when i laughed at Lt. — and his comments it’s like i took part in the “cutting up”, when truly i was fearful of retaliation, and after the first few months of working, the first few comments and retaliation/threatening methods i withdrew; i came to work, went directly to my post and stayed there all night and wouldn’t say anything to anyone that wasn’t required. Not even hey or bye. Lt. — began asking other supervisors “what was my problem”, why i withdrew”, “have i said anything to them”, and ultimately i was eventually called into the office by Lt. — (he was accompanied by Sgt. —). Lt. — began asking “what was the problem”, “why had i withdrew from the shift”, “why won’t i communicate” and i told him “nothing” and wouldn’t say much, and he continued to pressure me into communicating and i wouldn’t and he began to get frustrated because i wouldn’t say much. Lt. — called me in that office at least three different times that night (Sgt. — present each time) i was eventually told by Lt. Gray that “when i leave the facility i don’t say a word to anyone and sometimes when the shift is over they don’t even realize I’ve left, and that i don’t even say “hi, bye, or fuck you” i just walk out the door like they don’t exist”. I was eventually written a bad evaluation “lack of communication”, “needs to make sure paperwork is properly filled out” because i forgot to fill out a Key Control sheet which wasn’t unusual for anyone to forget every now and then and is done often but Complaints were filed May 20th to HR and nothing was done… sexual comments were still made and retaliation continued. To avoid another poor evaluation; that had an effect on my employment and professional image i decided i would laugh at his comments and communicate, to avoid the poor evaluations that could effect my career because i was left with no other option and no help from HR! I was alone basically! She asked why i never asked him to stop and i told her her i was fearful of retaliation.

Lt. — has been moved to another shift but everyday i walk into work i feel like I’m alone and I’m the one looked at as the bad guy because i spoke up. I never wanted this to get out of hand or this far but what else could i have done when i have already informed HR of the issues and concerns and i went ignored. I don’t know what to do anymore.

January 3, 2018 — came and stated that no one else could back up any of my claims of sexual harassment; there were no witnesses to the sexual harassment and if i had any other evidence or anything to help with the investigation. I stated no! She said that she would be typing me something up. (I assume the investigation is over).

January 8, 2018 I was notified via email with an attached PDF letter stating that the investigation was over due to lack of evidence despite my recordings.

I’m moving forward with pressing charges, I won’t let him get away with it! He won’t win.


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