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Nobody Knew

My story starts on Canada Day 2014, I was 16 years old. The day went perfectly. I had my boyfriend with me, whom I thought was perfect in every way. He was older that me, so I thought I had a lot to compete with when it came to other girls and being around his friends. We spent the day celebrating with our friends downtown at the festival. I couldn’t have asked for a better DAY. We had decided to make our way to a local beach where there would be fire works to end off the celebration of Canada Day. We met up with some of his friends that had all been drinking and we joined them. We were both pretty drunk about an hour later. It was dark out at this point, and him and his friends were dancing around and smoking a joint. Tris (his nickname for this story) came up to me and told me to go find my friends because he wanted to just hangout with the guys for the night and that we would meet up later to go home. I was upset with him because I had no idea w here my friends were on this busy beach and it would be nearly impossible to find them. So instead, I decided to make my way to the main road and call my mom to go home. In order to get to the main road I had to walk down a gravel road that was lit with two lamp posts so the remainder of the street was dark. I started walking as fast as I could so that I could just get out of the dark. As i was walking towards the street I looked up and saw a person running towards me, I didn’t get a chance to run before this stranger grabbed me and pushed me into the tree line. I was in so much shock that I couldn’t do anything I felt helpless. I was pushed into trees and punched in the face when I tried to fight back. We somehow ended up on the ground and I was screaming and kicking trying to get out of his hold but it was such a secluded area that no one was around to hear me. I had no idea what this person was after me for. I just kept thinking why me. All the while I was still trying to fight him off but I got so exhausted that I stopped for one second and he took advantage of my exhaustion and pinned me to the and proceeded to take off my pants. As soon as his hand reached my zipper I was squirming trying to get released but I couldn’t. I just tried harder and harder. I was not going to give up but at this point I was stripped of my clothes and he was on top of me. I was scared and screaming and I just needed to get out of the situation but I was in so much pain from being hit that I was weak. I was doing my best to kick him off when he finally just got off himself. And he ran, leaving me naked laying on the ground in the trees. I think I was in shock and didn’t know what to do so I just got dressed and fixed myself up and walked out on to the street and called my mother to come get me. I pretended it never happened. Because my mom would be mad that I was walking alone drunk. So I kept quiet. Explained to Tris that I just wanted to go home I wasn’t feeling well. Told my mom that I fell on some rocks at the beach thats why I was all battered up. She didn’t suspect a thing. 2 years 4 months later and she still didn’t know… nobody knew. They didn’t know that I barely slept all through high school. They didn’t know that I have trouble walking alone. They didn’t know that when I drank, I drank to forget. They didn’t know that when I scream in the middle of the night it’s not just a random nightmare it’s that night. They didn’t know that when I have flashbacks I didn’t know the difference between reality and the past. It was so vivid that I could feel and smell and hear everything that happend all over again, everyday. I’m in college now. No longer dating the same guy, because just seeing him brought the memories back. Just over 2 and a half years later and I’m doing better than ever. I had an enormous mental breakdown during exam week when everything I was feeling was 100 times worse than it ever was. I finally told my roommate my story, I told my best friends and my family. They were in shock at first. They blamed themselves for me not telling them and thought it was all their fault for not noticing. Once the initial shock was over. I got help, and an amazing support system. I can sleep full nights and go a few days maybe a week without thinking about what happened to me. All I needed was to speak up. I just needed to be brave and admit I needed help. 2 years and 7 months ago, I didn’t know my life would be altered forever.


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