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Not Safe in Your Own Family

My mother had me very young, she cannot afford us a place to live so we were staying at my grand mother house with my 3 uncle and my aunt.

The night one of my uncle was coming to bed with me and abused me. I was very young, so for me, what he was doing wasn’t something bad…but it was. Every night, I was waiting him on my bed. I think I enjoyed. I was a lonely child and with him i was feeling like i was important.

I never really suffered about this rape. Until a couple years. Cause I understood that this feeling to not be loved, to be invisible and always sad come from this. I never told to someone what happened to me. I’m afraid to tell her that I enjoyed it. I’m afraid to tell her that her brother rape me. I’m afraid to hurt her. I know that she’ll feel responsible for this the rest of her life.

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  • Cecilia Peck


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