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I’m 15 years old and I was raped about 4 months ago. He was 17 years old and I was still 15. I met him while I was in 9th grade now I’m in 10th. I remember getting a snapchat from him saying he had nothing to do on Monday and I told him we could go out to eat at like Taco Bell or something, so he said okay. Well when it was Monday, he texted me in the morning and told me to get ready so I did. He picked me up and we drove straight past Taco Bell because he said he left his wallet at home so we went to his house. He lives out in the middle of nowhere and he was driving on this long dirt road. He slammed on the breaks and I looked around and asked what we were doing here and he asked me if I’ve ever done this before. I asked him what he meant and he started rubbing my thigh and tried kissing me. I told him let’s just go. We pulled up in his drive way and his parent weren’t home. We walked in and told me to walk in front of him. It was weird but I did. So I opened the door to his room and as soon as he walked in he closed it and took my shirt and my bra off. I asked him what he was doing and why but he kept saying it’s okay trust me. I kept telling him I didn’t want to but he didn’t care.. he pushed me down on the bed and took off my shorts and my panties and I told him to stop and I started crying and freaking out. He got on top of me and and held my hands down and told me it would only hurt a little. Then he started forcing himself inside of me and I started screaming and crying because I was in so much pain. He pulled it out and said “Well, the hard parts over” I look down and there was blood. I put my hands over my face and curled up in a ball and cried really loud. He pulled me back and held my hands down again and started doing it again. I kept crying and telling him to stop but he told me to stop crying because it was getting on his nerves. I cried the whole way home and as soon as we got to my house he told me to get out. I went inside and sat in my floor and cried. I’ve never felt so weak and powerless. I feel like my privacy has been invaded and I don’t feel safe any where I go now. I never knew one person could mess you up so bad. I ran into him a couple times at school and cried in front of him and he just laughed and smiled about it. I even ran out of school one day and stayed out. About two weeks later, he moved. He text me a couple weeks ago and told me he missed me but I didn’t reply.


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