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Rape Is Everywhere

My experience with rape started with the rape of my mother when I was about 12 years old. 2 strangers (men) dragged her out of our yard to a close abandoned lot and beat and raped her. Shortly after my best friend was out biking, and her chain slipped. She was fixing it when a strange man held a knife to her and took her down a dark lane and raped her beside my grandmothers house coincidentally. Then I was drunk and raped by a friend in a field a couple of years later, I never told anyone because I hardly remembered the details and I was drunk. Then at 19 years old I was taken to a party by a man I met and thought i could trust because he was with someone I knew, drugged and raped, sodomized, robbed by about 5 men – these were dangerous men so I was scared to tell. I hitch-hiked home and never told anyone – not even myself, until about 20 years later when I finally sought therapy. I was also raped by a friend in my 30s, it started out consensual and then he tore off the condom and said he wanted me to have his baby. I tried to resist but he threatened me and held me down. I went to the clinic the next morning and took the morning after pill and STD pills. None of these people that raped me or my friend or my mother have ever been caught. I have never told the authorities because our laws in Canada are horrible, always victim blaming. I have gone thru rape crisis therapy which has helped immensely. I stand by my decision to not tell the authorities, but I do tell others now. My close friends and family now know. Another guy did try and rape me and hold me at gunpoint. I got away and we came back to his house and beat him up. That felt so good, but I was charged. Because it was proven he did hold me at gunpoint all charges were dropped for both of us. It was very hard for me to prove it and I was lucky.


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