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Raped at the age of 16

Firstly I would like to thank God to save me with his power. I was 16 years old when my friend and I ended up on the tavern`s street until 12 o`clock midnight. My friend and I were not attending the same school. My friend met her school friends and was hanging with them the time I wanted to go home. I met one of the boys whom knew I could walk with until I get close to my home.
I was staying with my grandmother and my uncle, and on this day my granny was not at home went to a funeral in Botswana.
I decided to leave my friend and walked with this guy until he turned on the other street to go to his home, I asked him to go with me till am more closely to my home. He begged me to go with him to fetch a jacket, because to use to hear that sometimes once you are on a boy`s room and he is drunk he can force you to sleep with him. I refused and decided to walk alone. When I turned to my street from the main road, had to pass three houses then catch home.
Three boys came behind, covered they faces and blocked my mouth I couldn’t scream. Weapons I can describe was knives and a hammer, they dragged me till we were on the front of my neighbour`s home. They were arguing whether they must take me with or not. I couldn’t shout as one was hitting me with a hammer on my head. They all raped me till stopped by a car light that flashed on the street turning to the first home, as we were on the middle of the street. Seems the driver did not see the incident.
They all stopped, took my phone and the key of the gate lock and ran away after the flash of the light. That’s when I could scream ran home jump the fence naked and my uncle heard and came running and took me to the hospital. I only manage to describe one of them when he was forcing to kiss me. I knew the guy by always seeing him on the village.
I reported the case to the police, arrested one guy I described and went out on bail till today. DNA result came positive. We went to court twice and case postponed as he want a new lawyer. Up until now the case is still pending. It’s been 8 years now and those guys are walking free.
I am now 24 years old.I finished school and now I am married, my husband always inspires me. I left everything on God`s hands to discipline on his own way as the police have done anything. And always thank God for saving my life.


  • Alexis
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