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Raped By My Brother

I don’t remember much, since I was only 6 (I’m 11 now.) I lived with 7 siblings, one is autistic. Since he was special, everyone payed attention to him. That’s probably why they didn’t notice my brother raped me. I usually went into his room to play with the toy cars he had. He usually wasn’t in there when I used his toys, but this time was different. All of a sudden I heard the door close, followed by a lock. I asked what he was doing but he didn’t say anything. Then he told me to come over to his bed, so I did. He was too strong and I couldn’t stop him. He ripped off my clothes and just went in me. I screamed no and told him to stop but he wouldn’t. I was on the verge of tears as he held me down. He was done with me finally. I ran out of the room as he followed me. I was standing outside the door, and those words he said will never escape my mind.

“Don’t tell ANYONE. I think mom called you. Go.”

It happened to me twice. Both the exact same way, but in the bathroom.

— Madison Sanders


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