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School Principal

My name is Dassi Erlich. I am a survivor of sexual abuse through the hands of Malka Leifer, my former school principal. Malka Leifer is wanted to face trial in Australia on 74 charges of indecent assault and rape, involving myself and other girls of the Adass Israel School in Melbourne. In 2008 Malka fled Australia, and has since avoided extradition hearings in Israel by claiming she is too unwell to face the court. Judge Cohen has ruled that Leifer is required to attend treatment sessions only 5 times every 6 months before being re-assessed. This process could go on indefinitely. If Leifer is indeed too unwell to attend court, she should be admitted to a state psychiatric hospital until she is well enough to face the extradition hearing in court. I am campaigning to #bringleiferback.


  • Dassi Erlich
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