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Sexual Assault

My name is Brandon. My story starts 23 years ago at the age of 3. I was molested by my brother who was 13 and our mother walked in on 1 incident. My mother seemed more traumatized by the event than I was. Constantly pushing on me to, “press charges” at an age I did not understand. Through my entire childhood my mother would never talk about it not even when I wanted to talk about it. She began to tell me, “you are sick for letting a child molester get away.” Sometimes I don’t know how to feel and that makes me feel stupid. I’ve told others of the event but never to this extent to let others know it bothered me this much. Thing is…I’m not sure if I would even remember the events if my mother hadn’t constantly pushed them into my head. Remembering her words and distaste for the event she began to say all sex is disgusting. That having sex is disgusting…to this day those words stay with me and I struggle with intimacy. Having it be my brother made a huge family dispute. I would tell other relatives of the event and they refused to listen. It’s made family ties nonexistent. Overall, I feel the entire event ruined a lot for me and I wasn’t sure how to make my life more positive but I felt finally talking about it was a good start. Thanks for listening.


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Ali Jones


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