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So Called Friends

My freshman year of college my friends an I would go out every weekend. We would go to parties anywhere we could. We were just out to have a good time. It was usually myself, my friend and two other guys that we were really good friends with.

One night we were all at a party and we were hanging out and have a good time. I was drunk and called my ex-boyfriend to come pick me up. (We were working on getting back together at this time) When he showed up I went outside and ran to hug him. I got into his car and was ready to be taken home. (Keeping this in mind my friends didn’t approve of me getting back together with him at this time.) My two guys friends came over and pulled me out of the car and told my ex to go home. So he left. We carried on in at the party and danced and everything was fine. When we were ready to leave it was my friend and I and the two usual guys that we partied with.

We then dropped Tyler off and then went to the other guys house. When we left Tyler’s house the other guy was all of a sudden being super nice to me. I didn’t even think anything of it. I just thought he was being a good friend.

We got back to his house and we were all sitting on the couch and then everything went black. I had passed/blacked out. The next thing I knew I woke up and my pants and panties were off and my “friend” was on top of me. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “you told me you wanted this.” I told him that I never said that because I had just woken up. Then again he said, “You told me you wanted this.” I screamed for my friend Carley but she wasn’t there. She left me there and from what I could see I was the only one left at his house. I tried fighting him off and screaming but he was much bigger than me and held his hand over my mouth. He said, “Logan always said you were a slut.” Then I realized I was helpless. I scratched and clawed and it didn’t even phase him. He just kept going. He kept raping me. When he was finally finished he got off of me and said, “I always knew you would be fun,” and left and went to bed. I called my ex boyfriend and friends multiple times but they were sound asleep.

The next day my ex-boyfriend came and picked me up and asked me what happened. And I said nothing. I told him I was just drunk and wanted to see him. He then dropped me off at home, I then went to go get the plan B pill and buried what happened away as far as I could.

Later on the next week, “my so called friend” kept asking me on dates because I deserve to be treated like a queen. He acted as if nothing had happened the week before. I said no and reminded him of what he did to me. He then went around to everyone and told them about how crazy I am in bed, and how I’m such a slut.

To this day he still tries to target me out in any situation he can. I have nothing on him. I didn’t report it, showered right away, and threw away the clothes I was wearing that night. He still acts like nothing is wrong and my best friend at the time doesn’t believe anything that I said was true. Everyone believes him and I’m still here helpless.

— Maggie, age 20


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