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Step Dad

I was 6 years old when it started.. My mom got together with this guy she went to work with he was honestly the nicest guy ever!!! He spoiled my sister and I and talked about adopting us from our dad. Then he went to prison…

The first year he was in there, he called everyday and told us he missed us/ Wrote us letters and everything! Then the calls faded. He kept calling mom just stopped answering the phone. He got out and I surprised at my last basketball game of the season. He showed up I was so excited to see him. But he didn’t know mom was hiding something, she was engaged to another man. I loved the guy she was engaged with he was really good to her and had a job and you know was just a great guy. Long story short about that my mom kicked him out so my step dad could move back in. All was good for awhile but then my mom and my sister fought all the time and my sister ran away. It was terrible so my mom kicked my sister out. I was left alone at home with him.

He started by coming in my room at night. First he would just lay in bed with me naked. Then it got worse, he would come in start by laying with me and slip off my panties. It was terrible!!! I didn’t understand what was happening but I didn’t like it. But it only happened at night while mom was asleep for awhile. Then I started coming home early from school because I was getting bullied. The first time it happened during the day, my grandpa dropped me off and he was coming out of the bathroom from a shower without clothes on. He seen me and asked “wunna rassel naked?” I said no, so he took advantage of the fact we were alone. It happened like this until I was ten. Then I moved to my dads and I asked ih he did it. He said, “your mom cheated on me, and I wanted to get her back.” He asked me to run away with him and marry him!! So his answer struck me as weird and as a lie.

I told my sister and she told my dad what happened. No one believed me, but I have had a lot of problems going on now. Or I did but I got help and I am doing a lot better. I am now 17, it’s been 7 years since it happened. And he is still a free man.

– Mikki Watring


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