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Two Friends and Two Boys

I’m the friend that everyone talks about. The one that always needs someone to listen to her problems and never really listens back. The one that expects you to be there the moment I need you, but when you need me I may or may not be there. I never realized I was like that. My dad looked out for his unit (him being in the Army), my mom looked out for my little brother Zeus and I looked out for me. I never really had any good friends, especially girls. My best friend Jackson had been my best and really only friend since we were 8. The three places we had been stationed were all together and when we moved to Fort Hood when we were 15 I expected nothing to change. Except it did. He started hanging out with other guys and I made an actual friend that was a girl. Rosalie Grace Davis or Gracie. Gracie was the sweetest girl ever met and she accepted all my flaws. She was always there. She was there when Jackson and I started to get romantic and I lost my virginity to him, she was there when I thought I was pregnant after a one night stand with a “friend of ours” much to old older brother, she was there when I got so drunk that I puked black stuff up all over the bathroom floor, she was always there.
But I ruined her. I was also that friend that drug innocent ones to parties. She was staying the night with me and I begged her to go with me to a party at an older guys house. She was reluctant but gave in to protect me because I told her I was going either way.
That night we were drugged by two eighteen year old boys. We were laid down beside each other and repeatedly raped by the two.
Gracie is still my best friend, but it is different now. She is more closed off and Im more open to listening. Please pray for our recovery.

— Zoie, age 17

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